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Persons Receiving Direct Care / Support Services Survey 2016

 The Minnesota Department of Human Services is seeking the opinions of people who need daily, hands-on care to continuing living and working where they want about the job of a direct care/support worker.  (Family members, spouse, significant other or guardian of people receiving supports are also welcome to complete this survey.)

We are asking for this information to help address and develop creative solutions to the current and growing shortage of direct care/support workers. Your responses will be kept private and not shared. 

A summary of the results from this survey will be shared publically and will help inform the creation of any workgroups formed to take action.
 You can only take the survey once, but you can edit your responses until you submit the survey. This survey will close on August 27, 2016.

If you have any questions about the survey, please email Julie Koehler at Julie.koehler@state.mn.us.
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