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Age-Friendly Minnesota Grants Interest Form  


The Age-Friendly Minnesota (AFMN) Council, in cooperation with the MN Department of Human Services, will soon release Technical Assistance Provider Grants and Community Grants to help communities work on age-friendly projects and become better places for all Minnesotans to grow older.

The Council defines
communities broadly and includes neighborhoods, towns, cities, counties, tribes, affinity groups, faith communities, and others. Communities could use funds to adopt and implement frameworks such as Age-Friendly Communities, Health Systems, Universities, or Public Health. Communities could also adopt other frameworks or processes to begin or expand age-friendly work, or undertake an age-friendly effort apart from a particular framework.
The AFMN Council has made diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) the foundation of Age-Friendly Minnesota, and is committed to ensuring that the work of the Council, including the Grants Program, promotes equity and reduces disparities. The Council hopes that a wide range of applicants will participate in the Grants Program, and is offering Technical Assistance Provider Grants to help applicants with limited experience or capacity in applying for funding and administering grant-funded projects.

This Interest Form will help the Age-Friendly Minnesota Council determine interest in its new grant program and ensure that interested people receive information such as grant applications and related information in a timely manner.

Interest Forms are due by August 1, 2022.

Note: Submitting an Interest Form is not required to apply for a grant and is non-legally binding.
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