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"What Were We Thinking?"
The Past, Present, and Future of Aging Policy and Practices
1971 - 2021 - 2071  

Imagine it is the year 2071, and you are reading a book about our present time period. After you finish a few pages of the chapter describing how governments and societal institutions interacted with older adults, you find several items that make you ask, "What were we thinking?"

LaRhae Knatterud and Todd Stump will examine this very question at an MGS webinar on August 18 (at 12 pm) this summer.  This brief survey will ask for your input on the following two questions:

1. If we were to look back 50 years to 1971, there were many ways in which government agencies and society in general treated older adults and the aging population that would be considered outmoded today.  What are some that you can identify?

2. What about our current treatment of older adults?  Are there policies or societal elements that would lead people in the year 2071 to ask "What were we thinking?", when we look back to the present day?

Instead of waiting until 2071 to address those issues, we hope to identify them right now.
Questions? Please contact Todd Stump at todd.stump@state.mn.us.
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