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Minnesota Provider Screening and Enrollment (MPSE) Portal
User Survey
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey about using the MPSE portal. The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the performance of the online enrollment portal and determine if any features may be improved.
Data disclosure
The survey does not request identifying information. Summary data is public data and may be shared with anyone.
Instructions for navigating this web-based survey
A navigation toolbar located at the bottom of each page of this survey will help you as you complete the survey. Do not use the BACK and FORWARD buttons at the top of your web browser while in the survey.

Click the BACK and NEXT buttons to navigate backward and forward through the survey.

Click the RESET button to reset answers on the current page in the survey.

Click the SAVE button to save your progress on the survey and return to it later. You will be given a link for returning to your survey and can also enter your email address to have a link emailed to you.

Click the SUBMIT button on the last page to submit your completed survey to DHS.
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